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We find ourselves facing the twin concerns of an increasing demand for energy on one hand and rapidly depleting reserves of traditional energy to harness this sunlight to create a clean , safe, renewable energy source for heat and power. Solar power Is now more affordable, more efficient and more reliable than ever , for both industrial and mainstream use.

At P&H group ,our vision is to provide high quality and affordable solar & LED Solutions, reducing our customer’s dependence on non-renewable energy, while paving the way for a more sustainable future. We pride ourselves in offering an extensive range of products and services, ranging from solar street lights to solar water heater , industrial LED lighting Solutions and many more. Our main focus is on maintaining the quality and customer satisfaction, To speak to a Customer Service Representative, please call 1300-738-438. To get assistance over the e-mail, you can write to us at info@pandhgroup.com

Our mission to be the leader in supplying SOLAR/LED Solutions for domestic and international market, contribute to reduce dependence on never ending search for natural resources because saving energy also means generating energy. we strongly believe “ Leadership is leading from the front and we ensure that in every step we take

Solar Street Light

By choosing our solar LED street light ,you are wisely opting for a better way of living. so go right ahead and enjoy the benefits of using affordable alternative energy while also helping the environment around you sustain itself.

Solar Water Heater

Heat water every morning without heating up the environment. save with the sun. Turning the geyser on helps in burning fossil fuel, increasing the concentration of green house gases, ultimately causing global warming..

  1. LED Highbay Light,
  2. Solar Water Pump
  3. Solar Chevron,
  4. Solar Roof Top System.
  • Road Safety Products,
  • Solar Gadgets